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Company Information :

Biography of Gerald Wiegert
Gerald A. Wiegert – President & Chairman/Director Mr. Wiegert serves as VMC’s Chairman of the Board and head of Design & Technical deployment. Mr. Wiegert founded VMC, the descendant of Vector Aeromotive Corporation.  Since then he has been responsible for the corporate organization and design and development of the new Vector Avtech WX8 automobile. Mr. Wiegert developed the conceptual specifications and was responsible for the engineering, styling and overall design of the original Vector W2, Vector W8 and all Vector Avtech WX3 prototypes. He will personally oversee the design engineering criteria and quality standards for subsequent VMC automobiles. Mr. Wiegert leads the VMC management team.

As the inventor and designer of all of the Vector supercars including the all new Vector WX8 Hypercar, Mr. Wiegert has over 35 years of advanced transportation and product design experience. Mr Wiegert is a world-renowned expert and pioneer in the field of vehicle design, including the original design of the Jet Ski, 4-Wheel ATV, and the Airstream Motor home, all of which achieved international commercial success. Mr. Wiegert was Founder and CEO of Vector Aeromotive Corporation, the world’s first manufacturer of exotic supercars and inventor of this category of ultra high performance automobiles. Mr. Wiegert took Vector the predecessor of VMC company public on the NASDAQ and achieved a market valuation of over $100 million.

Mr. Wiegert designed and engineered the Vector W8 Twin Turbo. With a top speed capability of over 220 mph, Road & Track Magazine declared the Vector the fastest production car in the world, outperforming Ferrari, Lamborghini, and all other exotic supercars during the years the Vector W8’s were produced.

As the Founder, President, and Chairman of several companies, both private and public, Mr. Wiegert’s primary leadership roles have been related to inventing/developing vehicles and products, developing business plans, managing and initiating capital raise functions. This includes raising over $70 million through venture capital, IPO, secondary offerings, and private placements. Mr. Wiegert founded and formed two NASDAQ Small-Cap listed Corporations, which exceeded $100 million in market capitalization value and one public company which reached over one billion in market valuation.
He has managed the development of multiple businesses, set up the facilities, negotiated for and purchased machinery and equipment for production, recruited and managed all technical, R&D, tooling, financial, sales, marketing, manufacturing, and quality control activities. Mr. Wiegert also served as the lead and originating investor in all his companies and is experienced in all aspects of corporate management, manufacturing, prototyping, technology, assessment and implementation, product advertising strategy, legal and corporate alliances, licensing, dealer development, media interface, and other corporate disciplines.

Mr. Wiegert has been responsible for corporate strategy positioning for multiple companies within their respective industries, as well as media interface, investor relations, and interaction with the financial community at large. Mr. Wiegert’s exceptional team building experience has related to technically advanced programs, R&D, and sophisticated vehicle manufacturing.

Prior to his involvement with Vector Motors and Aquajet Corporation, Mr. Wiegert served as an independent consultant specializing in advanced vehicle and product design for various companies including Industrial Design Affiliates, Innova Inc., once the largest US independent toy development company, Toyota Motor Company, Synthetex, and Trans State Financial Corporation. He was responsible for the initial and final design of the Wetbike and worked on the design, development, and prototype assembly of the original JetSki, which was subsequently licensed, to Kawasaki and Yamaha by its inventor.

Mr. Wiegert worked as a consultant to Industrial Design Affiliates where he designed the original Airstream Motor home, worked on motorcycle engine design, and other consumer products. He also was involved in the product designs for a variety of vehicles including motorcycles, electric automobiles, trucks, aircraft and exotic sports cars. Some of these designs were provided on a consulting basis and others were the entrepreneurial foundation of Mr. Wiegert’s personal start-up companies. Mr. Wiegert has organized, managed, and attended scores of scientific, aerospace, consumer electronics, motorsports, auto industry trade and corporate finance road shows all over the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. With expert ability, he has given corporate presentations to the financial community in major cities across the U.S. and around the world. He has been a principal speaker at the Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL), colleges and universities, auto clubs such as the Porsche Owners Club, Ferrari Owners Club, Mercedes Benz Gull Wing Club, Pantera Owners Club, and numerous other clubs and associations.

  Mr. Wiegert initiated the research, design, and development of the world’s most technologically advanced, ultra-high performance exotic automobile, the Vector W8-Twin Turbo supercar. In November 1988, Mr. Wiegert founded the Vector Aeromotive Corporation, a NASDAQ company with over a 100 employees and dozens of consultants, and served as the President, Chairman and CEO, responsible for the design, engineering, managing the manufacturing and marketing of the fastest and most powerful production car in the world. Vector was the first and only American manufacturer of exotic supercars. He also supervised financial functions and due diligence requirements for underwriters, investment bankers, the SEC, and NASDAQ. Mr. Wiegert negotiated all underwriting, secondary offerings, and private placements.    

About Us :

Vector Motors Corporation (VMC) was founded to be an advanced Vehicle & Consumer Product Technology Company (VCPTC). VMC was created to be the World’s preeminent, independent, American based  Hypercar company. VMC’S mission is to design, manufacture, market and sell ultra-high performance “Aerospace Engineered” vehicles to the highest standards in the automobile industry.

The company’s plan is to market new ideas, integrate new technologies, and earn dealer and customer loyalty with its corporate commitment to ultra-high-performance, quality, safety, state-of-the-art design and engineering excellence. The company’s goal is to continually increase shareholder value through profitable operations related to the controlled expansion of its unique and proprietary high-style motorsports products.


Management :

VMC Management Team:

Gerald A. Wiegert Chairman of the Board, CEO Founder & Director

Jack McCormack President & Director

Roger Williams In-House Counsel & Director

Steve Sanderson Chief Financial Officer

Tim Turner Sales & Dealer Development

George Wallace Senior Engineer  


Vector Team :


Chairman, CEO Founder Vector Motors & AquaJet
Designer of Vector Supercars, JetBike, JetSki, ATV, Ram Wing GEM among others
Advanced vehicle design consultant for GM, Chrysler, Ford & Toyota
Graduate of Art Center College of Design -- The Center For Creative Studies
Advanced Fighter Aircraft Design Certificate from Northrop University

JACK McCORMACK: President & Director CEO,
President McLaren Auto Group
Co-founder Suzuki Motors USA
Founded US Honda 40 years of Motorsports Experience
Founded American Eagle, the First True US Motorsports Company
CEO and Chairman of Cunningham Motors
Co-founder and CEO of the Napa Valley Wine Train

ROGER WILLIAMS: In-House Counsel & Director
Former Managing Partner, Troutman Sanders LLP Hong Kong &
International Practicing Attorney with Skadden Arps
Nine years of experience of Major Project Development for Exxon
15 years experience in M&A, Project Financing and Contract Negotiations
BS & MS Degrees in Engineering from Vanderbilt University and Tulane University

STEVE SANDERSON: Chief Financial Officer
CFO McLaren Auto Group
Public Company Exp., SEC Reporting (10K & 10Q)
20 years Accounting and Financial Management Experience
B.B.A. from Fl Atlantic University

DAVID P. KOSTKA: Manufacturing, R&D
Design Director, McCulloch Corporation
VP Engineering, Vector Automotive
19 years experience in advanced vehicle design
B.S. Industrial Design from University of Cincinnati

TIM TURNER: Sales & Dealer Development
Exotic Motor Sales Company Director of Operations
12 years experience in high-end automobiles & supercars
BS Degrees in Psychology and Business Administration


Contact Us :

Vector Motors Corporation
400 N. Marine Ave.
Wilmington, CA 90744

Telephone: 310 522-6610
Fax: 310 522-6611


Employment Opportunities:

We are currently seeking the following positions:

We are currently seeking the following positions: Purchasing, Finance, Accounting, Engineering, Dealer Development, Sales, Marketing, Information Technology, Web & Graphic Design, CAD Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, Production Management, Electronic Design & Engineering, Legal, International Relations, Fabrication, Emissions, EPA and DOT Testing, Administration, Test Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Design Engineers

Please contact Jerry for more information:

400 N. Marine Ave.
Wilmington, CA 90744

Telephone: 310 522-6610
Fax: 310 522-6611




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